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eManaged Services by OneNetPlus.com...Unleashing a powerful new ally that leverages the strength of the Internet to deliver unparalleled infrastructure management.

New technologies are evolving like never before and this time they are impacting the bottom line, i.e. eRetail, supply chain relationships and online customer care. In addition, employee (end user) demands on IT seem to be growing exponentially. They use a variety of devices that the typical IT department has not supported in the past (i.e. PDA, cell phones) and they want support 24 x 7 from everywhere (in the office, at home, on the road).

Managing and optimizing day-to-day production and trying to meet the new business requirements that exist today is just too much for many organizations.

OneNetPlus.com can help

OneNetPlus products and services, which we call eManaged Services, are deliberately focused on business critical functionality of today. They are uniquely engineered for flexible implementation and superior levels of service on day-one.

OneNetPlus.com is a new kind of IT partner.

We know that companies today need a partner with a new kind of operating model that will allow for the retention of some services in-house. Therefore, along operationally sound lines, our services are designed to work stand-alone and in combination with internal IT support organizations in any number of flexible ways. Additional services can be integrated at any time, thanks to their plug-and-play nature. Provisioned services are also available for companies wishing to leverage OneNetPlus.com's state-of-the-art technology and implementation expertise, while retaining management within their own organizations. Learn more about Provisioned Services by OneNetPlus.com.

Our advanced technology, Internet-centric model, and economies of scale have resulted in a new kind of service offering with uniquely compelling benefits at a tremendous cost advantage -- over internal IT departments or traditional onsite outsource provider implementations.

eDesktop Managed Services--Bringing Desktop Support into the 21st Century.

OneNetPlus.com is able to support your computing environment like no other provider, thanks to our innovative and comprehensive eDesktop Managed Services. These include world-class help desk, desk side and IT infrastructure services, as well as e-commerce based procurement and asset control. All OneNetPlus.com services are integrated through our Internet Client Support Center, to streamline service delivery and reduce costs.

eManaged Mail Services--An ASP-Alternative.

Email is the number one business application in America today. When it's down or users have problems, productivity stops. Our ASP-alternative to email outsourcing can support any mail server configuration (hosted at your site or ours), while handling account administration online and providing continuous end-user support, from any location.

Integrated Directory Services--Business without Boundaries.

OneNetPlus.com's Integrated Directory Services (based on state-of-the-art LDAP technology combined with OneNetPlus.com's proprietary XML-based Data Synchronization tools) give you a single online directory that makes all your corporate information available in a dynamic, flexible, secure and standardized way. Our methodology reduces the high cost of data management typically associated with maintaining multiple directories and readies your company to benefit from LDAP technology enterprise-wide.


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