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Integrated Directory Services

What are Directory Services?
A Directory Service is a technology, typically implemented as LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), which provides commonly used information in a straightforward way, over a TCP/IP transport. An Integrated Directory Service is the collection of software, hardware, processes, policies and administration required to make this commonly used information available in a dynamic, flexible, secure and standardized way.

Why are Directory Services Important?

Directory Resources
Case Study: Moving core business to an online model.
Case Study: Keeping an LDAP installation current.
Case Study: Managing data across multiple applications
The move towards an Internet-centric business environment is making the distributed infrastructure even more complex. Unfamiliar networks are being joined together at break neck speed. "Outsiders" are readily given access to applications and data, in the spirit of open commerce, competitive advantage and customer service. Integration between applications and the introduction of new business software are continuing to increase. The need for a simple, central, on-line data source that can help to better manage this complex technology evolution is unavoidable. Directory services, utilizing LDAP technology, are the answer.

Why Outsource Directory Services?
Time-to-market is more critical today than ever. An aggressive company, focused on success, shouldn't have to slow down while their IT organizations learn the intricacies of directory technology. Schema/namespace design, topology, and management are the commodity parts of LDAP. How you use LDAP in your organization is the important question, which represents the type of strategic projects you want your IT staff to focus on. "What are the business applications of this technology? How can it promote more sales? What eCommerce strategies will it better enable?" Don't get mired in the mundane aspects of this technology and miss the exciting opportunity it affords to enable connected commerce and competitive advantage.

Why Outsource Directory Services from OneNetPlus.com?
OneNetPlus.com knows LDAP. It is central to our entire operations base and core to all the managed services we provide. We know how to design and implement the right topology for you quickly. We know what it takes to manage this architecture into the future. OneNetPlus.com can also assist in the development of strategic uses of LDAP, and we know that the most significant challenge in directory services is not setting up and hosting the LDAP servers, but organizing, managing and maintaining the data.

OneNetPlus.com Has Revolutionized
Data Synchronization

We have solved this age-old problem through a set of proprietarily built tools we call The Data Synchronization Suite. They use XML technology as a base to retrieve, combine, and transmit data from disparate sources into any target database or directory namespace. Incoming records are reconciled against any existing data, and discrepancies can be resolved prior to updating. This process is fully automated and self-maintaining once set up initially, plus it is easily modifiable if changes in data sources or data targets become necessary.

Because all of OneNetPlus.com services are directory-based, if you are an existing OneNetPlus.com customer taking advantage of our eDesktop or eManaged Mail Services and you decide that you need an LDAP namespace, we can replicate and provide the commonly used demographic data of your company in a matter of days. Yes, days. This is powerful technology; we are expert in working with it, and you can benefit from both quickly. This is power in the market place.

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