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Email is now the number one business application. What was once a novelty has become a mission critical system requiring sophisticated management and around-the-clock support.

ASPs have recently emerged to provide email outsourcing. However, the ASP model, which requires servers to be hosted off customer premises is inefficient for today's most commonly used e-mail products, like MS Exchange, which operate more effectively on LANs.

OneNetPlus.com has introduced an alternative to ASP-style email outsourcing that allows servers to be hosted at any location, maximizing application performance, regardless of the platform. OneNetPlus.com will procure, configure, install, manage and monitor servers for proprietary applications such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange as well as the open Internet standards-based platforms that lend themselves to data center management. OneNetPlus.com also makes available a sophisticated directory and browser-based ID Administration tool for use by customers and our Help Desk operations in supporting an e-mail customer. Lastly, we assume responsibility for assisting all users with e-mail questions and support needs through our advanced help desk team.

This flexibility to meet the infrastructure needs of your company while providing reliable service to end users through the Internet is another example of OneNetPlus.com's commitment to user productivity through the right kind of service built for today's connected world.

When combined with other OneNetPlus.com services like the eDesktop Managed Suite, advanced capabilities like i) remote takeover utilizing OneNetPlus.com's help desk operations can be employed for even greater levels of user support, and ii) infrastructure solutions for better availability, recoverability and security can be provided, i.e. SMTP and DNS-based alternate routing for secure, protected and highly available access to the Internet Certificate Authority provided.

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