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Provisioned eServices by OneNetPlus.com...Making technology that can change everything, available in many forms.

OneNetPlus.com is introducing "provisioned" infrastructure services based on the premise that if we are engineering the right infrastructure solutions, we should be able to package them for our customers to manage. Today we have seven services that are available to customers for their own use internally. With Provisioned eServices, OneNetPlus.com recognizes that each computing environment is different and companies are in different stages of operational readiness for change. OneNetPlus.com endeavors to build, configure and integrate advanced technologies that will benefit all computing infrastructures. Provisioning is another way we do this.

Provisioned eServices

Email--Get it set up right. We borrow from our expertise in SMTP/POP3 mail infrastructure to configure and implement an Internet mail strategy for you. Our documented and tested procedures become yours for management once fully implemented. No longer will your IT department have to troubleshoot an ill-configured Internet mail architecture.
Directory Services--As a core element of our Internet-centric infrastructure from which we manage all customers, OneNetPlus.com can build your LDAP architecture quickly and hand it over for your management. This can include name space schema design, replication and topology strategies, and much more.
DataSync Tools--This powerful and industry-leading tool set, which is core to our operations, can be yours. See how Integrating and reconciling islands of data with our XML-based suite of data synchronization tools can improve your operations.
VPN--Our agnostic approach to virtual private networks includes client-side connectivity design and implementation. Minimize costs and maximize accessibility, security, availability and performance.
Pre-Audit Security Readiness--Key to our Internet-centric model, we take security very seriously. Discover and eliminate security vulnerabilities within your organization by enlisting our special expertise.
Remedy--If you need Remedy, we can implement it fast and efficiently. If you have Remedy, let our experience with upgrades, customizations, integration and custom add-ons work for you.
Lease Administration--OneNetPlus.com's expertise in all aspects of IT equipment leasing is vast. We can put our lessor-neutral approach to work for you in a variety of ways.
eProcurement--Let OneNetPlus.com's years of experience in the eProcurement space get your internal procurement objectives jump-started. This includes all aspects of procurement: the processes, the technology, the integration and the supplier network.

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