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With OneNetPlus.com managing your technology procurement, the IT procurement process will take a fraction of the time it routinely takes, with much less effort on everybody's part, and it will incorporate the data integrity crucial to efficient management of procurement activities overall. When equipment is delivered, the Help Desk will already have the information essential for speedy and reliable installation and ongoing support.

We have integrated both buy-side, e-commerce and asset management tools with our proprietary suite of data synchronization tools to enable some of the most effective procurement functionality available in the market today. Our service, however, goes well beyond the tools to the front and back office activities that make up the entire procurement cycle. These activities often cause the overall processes to break-down as they are labor intensive and are generally disregarded when an organization is considering purchase automation.

The Procurement Operations Center at OneNetPlus.com will manage product catalogs and requisition routing rules as they change over time, a step critical to maintaining the integrity of any procurement effort. Invoice reconciliation and all other post acquisition activities are handled. Lease administration is managed through our Lease Audit and Administration group, and asset data is staged in an asset repository for management going-forward as determined for each client.

All of this is integrated with the rest of the eDesktop Managed Services, like the Help Desk, for unparalleled end-user support.

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